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What happens if a project you invested in doesn’t complete on time or gets delayed?

Parvis sources some of the best investment opportunities.  Our Investment Committee will find quality projects that have reasonable reserves and timeframes, amongst many items. We look for projects that have allowances in scheduling and budgeting to ensure that timeframes and budgets are respected.

Equity: Some project investments will have an outside date where the developer is obligated to complete the project and allow the investors to exit the investment. Should this not happen as planned, the developer may be able to exercise its option to extend the project duration or will raise additional capital to allow existing investors to exit.  In such cases, Parvis will assist investors relying on its Secondary Market.

Debt: Debt investments have a fixed maturity date and often no options to extend without penalty. Therefore, the borrower will be responsible for paying the interest and principal on time, or else be in default of the loan.