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Parvis makes exclusive private real estate investments inclusive for Canadians.

Investing in Real Estate with Parvis

We curate institutional-level real estate projects and are striving to innovate the investing process through control, transparency, and simplified liquidity solutions.

Browsing projects, investing, and monitoring progress is simple via our transparent, paperless digital platform.

You’ll have access to vetted, institutional-level opportunities that seek to outperform the real estate market on a risk-adjusted basis.

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Our goal is that your investment outperforms public REITs and the real estate market, and to maximise your returns, we keep fees low, too.

Our Secondary Market provides liquidity opportunities for your investments before the end of their term.

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An integral part of high-performing portfolios

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Diversified portfolio

Allocating a portion of client portfolios to real estate serves to protect capital during market downturns

Protect against inflation

The value of private real estate assets has historically been positively correlated with inflation

Steady cash flow

Private placements allow investors to generate passive income through rental cash flow

Hedge against public market volatility

Unlike publicly traded REITs, Parvis offers private real estate investments, which shield  from market volatility

Ways to Invest

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Direct Deal Investing

Choose a specific opportunity that aligns with your investment profile and financial goals.

Parvis Direct Access Fund

Gain access to a diversified fund of best-in-class private real estate investments across Canada.

Real Estate Funds

Access a curated selection of open-ended private real estate investment funds from reputable partners across Canada.

Secondary Market

Trade private real estate investments like stocks with the Parvis Secondary Market.

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1000s of Canadians use Parvis for smarter real estate investing. You can, too. 

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Past performance of any fund, strategy or investment is not an indication or guarantee of future results. All investments have the potential for loss. See full offering documentation and Disclosures.