Private Real Estate Investing:
No strings Attached

Trade private real estate investments like stocks during our semi-annual secondary market events. Forget traditional multi-year hold periods.


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Traditional Market


Unprecedented Freedom

Trade your private real estate investment like a stock. No more mandatory 5 year holds. Meet your long term investment goals while keeping your options open.

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Transparent Transactions

Sell your investments during semi-annual windows. A Parvis team member will be on standby to help you out.

Exclusive Access

Capitalize on missed opportunities. Buyers get access to projects after their primary raise has closed. Invest with confidence now that a project has a track record.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Secondary Market

How does the secondary market work?

Who is eligible to buy and/or sell their investments?

When can I sell shares in the secondary market?

When can I buy shares in the secondary market?

How is the sale price determined?

How are orders matched?

What if a buyer is not found for the shares I listed?

What is the fee structure?

Is my identity known to other buyers or sellers?

How and when will I receive my sales proceeds?

What does it mean when you say the secondary market is in beta?