Why we Started

We wanted to reimagine the way people access real estate investment opportunities.

Our first thought? Let’s make real estate investing easier for everyone. We designed our technology-based online platform to improve the access and experience for all who want to invest in real estate.

Family in the kitchen with their 2 kids helpingdecorative arches


/ˈpärvəs/, noun

An enclosed area in front of a cathedral or church, typically one that is surrounded with colonnades or porticoes. The word's origin stems from the Latin paradīsus or paradise.

The archway, or parvis, is one of the single most important architectural discoveries in history. This foundational technique led to the development of important infrastructures, allowing for bigger buildings, longer roads and secure bridges. Visually inspired by porticoes and archways, our name gives a nod to the past as we move towards the future of property investments.

Our Mission

To build the next generation of real estate investing through a digital platform that will democratize access - bringing quality real estate opportunities to more individuals.

The real estate industry’s digital renaissance has begun. Parvis has built an online platform that enables people to invest in projects previously unavailable to them.

Meet The Team