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Why Invest?

Investing in real estate is a great way to diversify your portfolio and maximize returns.

As an investor with Parvis, you’ll have exclusive access to premium projects and be able to invest in real estate online. With Parvis, you can:

  • Invest in high-quality, real estate projects

  • Easy liquidity of investments via our secondary market powered by blockchain

  • Easily monitor your investments with our easy-to-use online platform

  • Benefit from a competitive fee structure

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Investment Strategies

We are here to support you with sound investment strategies.

Direct investment into properties allows you to participate in exclusive opportunities in real estate. Our team has deep industry expertise and knowledge delivering assets with potential for appealing returns, from fixed income deals to opportunistic acquisitions.

The following asset classes will be available to investors:

The asset classes fall within four direct investment strategies:

Fixed Income


Core Plus

(buy & hold)

Value Added

(fix & flip)



Parvis Insights

Investor Soundbites

"I became an early investor in Parvis to be on the ground floor of the next evolution in the real estate market. Proptech will change the way every investor looks at real estate.”

Tristan Sawtell
Tech Investor

"When looking for exciting new tech startups to invest in I believe in looking at the people behind it and the innovation they are bringing to the space. Parvis has an incredible future ahead because what they are endeavouring is going to change the way people access real estate investment, and the team behind it has the know-how to build it”

Andrew Wu
Client Relationship Partner
Core Create