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Full-service platform

Parvis, with its experienced team and full-service platform, offers comprehensive Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) services to developers, REITs and MICs across Canada.

Transparent Structure

Our flexible service model and transparent fee structure makes your back-end operations streamlined and hassle-free. From simple EMD and capital raising services, right through to investor relations and our secondary market, Parvis gives you the tools to scale and manage a growing investor base with ease.

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EMD Essentials

Foundational support for capital raising success

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Offering underwriting

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Platform & Marketplace onboarding

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Investor Processing (AML, KYC, Legal)

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Dealing rep & customer service support

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Onboard your Dealing Rep's with Parvis

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Capital Catalyst

Unlock growth potential with capital raising

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Level 1 services +

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Marketing & Capital raising support

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Dealing Rep & Customer Service Support


Extended Services

Comprehensive investor relations for long-term growth and transparency

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All level 1 & level 2 services

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Access to Secondary Market for liquidity

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Financial & legal reporting for the full term of the offering

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Service end at offering term

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The Investor

As a Parvis Partner, your relationship is with us. We deal with the investors, and your project investments come from Parvis. That means you can focus on development and building, while we take care of tax slips, manage investor services, and cover the marketing, compliance, and investor relationship responsibilities.

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The Parvis Path to Capital

Your new source of capital from Parvis opens a path to more projects and business growth. We handle all the investor relationships; we’re your General Partner Investor (GP) and we own the relationship with the Limited Partner Investors (LP). So, we take care of the regulatory reporting and assume the stakeholder management.

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Grow Your Marketing Reach

Drive your organization’s sales with Parvis’s reach. We leverage our CRM tools, as well as marketing and distribution partners to access potential investors, bring more funds to your projects, and spotlight your organization and offerings. The result? You expand your customer base, enter new markets, and increase revenue in this proven market with uncapped potential.

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Reduce Compliance Costs

Leave all the regulatory compliance to us. Our innovative platform keeps a clear, chronological, and permanent ledger of each investment, investor transaction, available investment funds, as well as the legal and compliance documentation. So, investors have access to their portfolios and relevant investment data—anywhere, anytime, and all backed by blockchain.

Our Investments

We use various marketing strategies embedded in our platform to promote investment offerings to qualified clients: SEO, CRM tools, partner distribution, and early access campaigns. Parvis is an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) (licensed in BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, PE, NS, and NL), and as such, we are licensed to distribute investment securities that are exempt from the rigours of a prospectus.

Investment Structure

Special Purpose Vehicle

Every time Parvis invests in a development or property, we create a new Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Limited Partnership Fund that is given a unique name and open to accredited investors. The SPV Fund invests capital in your project and, in return, owns LP Units (LPUs) of your investment vehicle or shares of the company that owns the property.

The LPs

The investors in the fund are accredited investors, family offices, and financial institutions.

The LPUs

The amount an investor contributes to a Fund determines their resulting number of units and ownership percentage of the Fund.


In exchange for our clients’ capital investments, Parvis issues securities in the Fund. The Fund (e.g.: Parvis - “Your Name” LP), in turn, purchases securities from your investment vehicle—typically an LP or a company.

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Parvis Partner Requirements

Our main criteria when investing in a property is to ensure that our interests align with yours. We aim to partner with organizations that have a proven track record of property development or asset management and are looking to create short- or long-term capital solutions for their growing portfolio of assets.

To be considered for the Parvis Platform, submit the following initial documents:  

  • – Project offering memorandum and investment package

  • – Project pro forma

  • – Lender term sheets

  • – Corporate structure/track record

  • – Leases and development budgets

  • – Zoning and building permits

All investments are carefully vetted by Parvis’s Investment Committee, a team of industry experts with experience in leading investment managers and private equity firms. Our value-driven approach to real estate investing actively identifies opportunities that offer attractive risk-adjusted value with great fundamentals.

Our Fee Structure

Parvis has a competitive and transparent fee structure that shows a clear net of fee returns. Depending on the structure of the deal, investments are subject to varying fees. Every investment is subject to two types of fees:

All Target Net Annual Returns are posted net of fees paid by the investor. Any other fees that apply to an investment offering will be outlined in the Offering Memorandum.

Closing Fee


of gross invested dollars up-front per capital raise —paid by Partners.

As an example, for a capital raise of $2M, our Partner pays $70k on closing.

Performance Fee:


of total annual return to investors —paid by investors from distributions.

As an example, a project with a Target Net Annual Return of 18% is presented at 16% net of fees.

Next Steps

If Parvis’s Investment Committee approves your project, we work with you to determine the equity required, the timelines amounts and terms of your offering. The next step is to help get you onboarded, using your marketing documents to create a project marketplace on our platform. Then we activate the Parvis marketing tools and work closely with our Partners for the success of the investment.

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