Must-Watch Real Estate YouTube Channels for Canadians

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For Canadians passionate about real estate, YouTube is a treasure trove of knowledge.

Regardless of whether you're just starting out in property investment, a seasoned expert, or simply curious about the Canadian real estate landscape, you’ll find many valuable channels to guide you in the right direction. 

To help you navigate this space, we've curated a comprehensive list of the top real estate YouTube channels that – while not all tailored specifically to the Canadian market – offer beneficial insights to a Canadian audience.

Sarah Larbi

Offering a perfect blend of expert advice and hands-on experience, Sarah's channel is a one-stop-shop in the world of Canadian real estate. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced investor seeking new strategies, Sarah covers it all. From short-term rentals to flipping commercial properties, her channel ensures that viewers walk away informed and inspired.

Meet Kevin

While predominantly focused on the U.S market, Meet Kevin's occasional venture into Canadian real estate topics makes his content invaluable to Canadian viewers. His deep dives into real estate and investments provide insights that are both informative and entertaining, making him a must-watch for those seeking a broader perspective.

Steve Saretsky

Steve, a Vancouver native, brings a unique perspective to his channel. As a Realtor, housing analyst, and finance blogger, he offers a panoramic view of the Canadian real estate landscape. His insightful analyses and in-depth knowledge make his channel essential for anyone interested in Canadian real estate.

Master keys youtube channel
Master keys - Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

Master Keys

Journey into the heart of Nova Scotia's real estate market with Neal Andreino and Chandler Haliburton of Master Keys. This dynamic duo covers everything from basic beginner steps to intricate strategies for the experienced investors, making their channel an important resource for those interested in the East Coast market.

Jeff Wybo

Through Jeff Wybo's lens, viewers get an insightful peek into the Canadian real estate investment world. His firsthand experiences and learnings make his channel both relatable and informative. Whether you're looking for investment tips or real-life examples, Jeff's channel has you covered.

CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association)

CREA serves as the official beacon for all things related to home buying and selling in Canada. As one of Canada's largest single-industry trade associations, its channel provides a mix of practical advice, market analysis, and industry trends, making it a key resource for Canadians navigating the real estate market.

The Canadian Real Estate Channel (Matt McKeever)

Matt's innovative approach to real estate investing in Canada, particularly his creative strategies, sets his channel apart. For those looking to think outside the box, his content is a must-watch.

Mike Rosehart

Dedicated to real estate investing, personal finance, and the dream of early retirement in Canada, Mike's channel offers a blend of inspiration and practical advice. His experience and expertise can guide you on your own path to financial freedom.

Nolan Matthias

Nolan Matthias covers a wide range of topics, from mortgages to investing, making complex subjects accessible to all. His insights provide valuable information for Canadians looking to make informed financial decisions.


Focused on empowering Canadians financially, this channel offers advice on everything from real estate to personal finance. Their content ensures that viewers are always a step ahead in managing their finances and investments.

Darren Voros - 10 Biggest Lessons To Learn As A Real Estate Investor

Darren Voros

Darren brings a unique perspective to the world of real estate on YouTube. With a rich background in renovation and construction, he provides viewers with insights on property management as well as financial literacy tips. Whether you're a homeowner or an aspiring investor, Darren's channel offers valued knowledge on maintaining and improving your real estate assets.


Nav's channel is all about empowerment. With a mission to help his audience build wealth, Nav shares his personal wealth-building journey and conducts expert interviews. His content covers a wide range of financial topics, making it a respected resource for Canadians looking to make informed investment decisions.


A haven for those looking to optimise their financial strategies, this channel guides Canadians on balancing wealth creation with tax efficiency. In a complex tax landscape, understanding how to minimise tax liabilities while maximising profits is crucial, making RealEstateTaxTips a vital resource.


Aditya's rapid success in the real estate market provides invaluable guidance and lessons for aspiring agents and investors. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience,  Aditya’s channel offers a look into real estate strategies, helping you make well-informed decisions. 

Daniel Foch

With a focus on the Greater Toronto Area, Daniel provides viewers with a deep dive into real estate development, especially in suburban areas. His expertise and local knowledge make his channel a go-to resource for those interested in the Toronto real estate market. Whether you're a potential homebuyer or an investor, Daniel's insights can guide your decisions.

Kenneth Yim youtube Channel
Kenneth Yim - What Is A Passive House And Why You Need It

Kenneth Yim

With his comprehensive approach, Kenneth ensures that viewers get a holistic understanding of the Canadian real estate market through a balanced mix of news, tips, and investment strategies. His channel provides crucial information for those aiming to stay current with market trends and seeking reliable advice. 

In Canada’s ever-evolving real estate market, keeping up-to-date and making informed decisions is imperative. Venturing into it can seem daunting, but with these YouTube channels hosted by dedicated experts and enthusiasts, you're well-equipped to navigate its intricacies. With each offering a unique vantage point, you’ll be sure to gain a holistic understanding of the market. 

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