The 10 Best Canadian Real Estate Podcasts

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The Canadian real estate market has become a hotspot for investors both domestically and internationally. As the dynamics of the market continue to evolve, investors are seeking more sophisticated tools and insights to navigate this intricate landscape. One of the most valuable resources? Real estate podcasts.

Tailored to the needs of aspiring and seasoned investors alike, these podcasts offer a glimpse into the world of Canadian real estate investing. From the latest trends and economic factors to unveiling hidden gems in regions across the nation, these shows provide in-depth analysis delivered by professionals.

Here are our 10 best real estate podcasts that focus on the Canadian market, all geared towards helping you succeed as an investor.

1. The Canadian Real Estate Investor 

The Canadian Real Estate Investor podcast is for Canadians looking to become better real estate investors. With a combination of discussions on investment strategies, comprehensive analysis of ongoing market trends, and expert guidance on structuring deals to grow your portfolio, hosts Daniel Foch and Nick Hill bring a fresh and well-informed perspective to the table. Leveraging their vast experience, they provide listeners with a vibrant mix of well-researched information and engaging content, making this a must-listen for anyone looking to thrive in Canada's real estate investment landscape.

2. The REITE Club - Real Estate Investing for Canadians

This weekly podcast is hosted by the co-founders of the REITE Club (Real Estate Investing Training & Education), and features interviews with successful members, as well as other prominent figures in the real estate investing arena. Each episode covers the stories and strategies used by people who have seen success, from lessons learned to what they’re doing next to move the needle. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this podcast offers valuable insights and inspiration, showcasing different paths to success in the real estate investment world.

3. The Truth About Real Estate Investing…for Canadians

Join Erwin Szeto, a distinguished professional in the real estate industry, as he hosts this podcast for aspiring and seasoned investors alike. 2015 winner of Realtor of the Year by the Real Estate Investment Network and Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, Erwin’s expertise uniquely positions him to guide listeners through the intricacies of real estate investing. Hear from the experiences of world-class investors and learn valuable tools, tactics, and lessons that are vital for every investor.

4. Well Off Podcast

The Well Off Podcast is for those that want to learn how to invest in real estate or scale their portfolio in Ontario and in other provinces in Canada. It features a wide variety of expert guests discussing wealth, business and relationships. The podcast is presented by Georges El Masri, an Ontario real estate investor and realtor.

5. The Canadian Multifamily Investing Podcast

Join hosts Mark Baltazar and Mike Rockall as they navigate the intricate world of multifamily real estate investing. Through interviews with a diverse lineup of guests, they explore specific topics tailored to both passive and active investors. Whether you're just beginning your investment journey or looking to deepen your understanding, this podcast is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions in the multifamily space. 

6. The RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast

The RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast is a weekly podcast aimed at educating and motivating everyday individuals to better control their financial futures through real estate investing. Featuring interviews with guests from various backgrounds and facing an array of challenges, it spotlights their unique journeys to success in breaking into the real estate market.

7. Sync or Swim

A bi-weekly exploration of PropTech, multifamily marketing, and the rental housing industry. Discover how industry leaders are overcoming operational challenges, enhancing their marketing efforts, and boosting the value of their multifamily investments. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the field, this podcast offers a treasure trove of wisdom and experience to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of rental housing and property investment.

8. Build Wealth Canada Podcast

While not specific to real estate, the Build Wealth Canada podcast aims to help Canadians grow and preserve their wealth. Through in-depth interviews with leading financial experts, host Kornel Szrejber reveals strategies to optimise investments, minimise taxes, and fast-track your journey to financial independence and early retirement. But it's not just about the experts; Kornel also opens up about his own investment experiences and his life as an early retiree and prominent member of Canada's FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement. 

9. More Money Podcast

Join Canadian money expert and Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada® Jessica Moorhouse, as she hosts a podcast designed to illuminate the often-intimidating world of money. With a combination of wisdom, insight, and guidance, Jessica not only navigates the financial landscape but invites top personal finance experts, celebrated entrepreneurs, authors, influencers, and even celebrities to share their unique perspectives and experiences. 

10. Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

Hosts Adam and Matt Scalena – two of BC's leading realtors – dive deep into the West Coast's investment market. Considered thought leaders in their market, Adam and Matt are often featured in outlets like CBC, Globe and Mail, and National Post. Join them as they host a diverse series of guests – including academics, developers, politicians, and finance experts – to get their thoughts on one of Canada’s most dynamic markets.

Canadian real estate is rich with opportunity, and these ten standout podcasts can help you navigate the dynamic market regardless of your level of experience. By providing valuable insights from leading experts, opening opportunities, and covering investment strategies, they can help you make more informed and confident investment decisions.