How Parvis leverages technology to disrupt the private real estate market

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At Parvis, we have built the real estate investing platform of tomorrow by marrying industry expertise with next generation technology.

This allows you to flex more control over your investment portfolios. We bridge the gap between investors and developers with a frictionless and data-rich workflow by leveraging blockchain technology to tap into the global market of tokenized real estate assets. 

On our platform, investors can take part in the primary funding of high-return development opportunities previously reserved for institutions, kept behind closed doors and behind stacks of printed legal documentation. 

Within our secondary market, investors can sell their positions prior to the traditionally long investment horizons of private markets, injecting liquidity in a historically illiquid category. And new investors can discover previously missed investment opportunities that are well underway and may realize value over a shortened time span. 

All of it is encrypted with bank-level security to keep you safe while you make smarter decisions about your financial future.

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