How is technology impacting private real estate markets

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The tokenization of real estate enables investors to generate passive income digitally with the added bonus on liquidity.

Investors can now have access to their portfolios and relevant investment data—anywhere, anytime through our blockchain backed platform that keeps a systematized, chronological, and permanent ledger of each investment, investor transaction, available investment funds, in addition to legal and compliance documentation.

Private real estate markets have always been fertile ground for intrepid investors. However, they have traditionally been available only to a privileged few, particularly when it comes to investing in institutional-quality real estate. 

Their exclusionary nature has prevented most from entering the market. But innovations in technology in real estate are changing that. 

At Parvis, we see a future where more people can become private real estate investors, with technology facilitating and evolving the industry in a number of exciting ways:

  • Offering the same up-to-date, multi-layer data sets in private real estate markets that are available for publicly traded investments
  • Drastically increasing transparency, giving investors insight into the real estate asset’s value, history, progress of the project, and more. Investors can enter into investments and transactions more confidently, leading to higher trading volumes.
  • Providing inherent liquidity by leveraging blockchain technology to allow investors to sell investments like stocks on exchange.

Our innovative digital platform, paired with an expert team, and a strong network of developers and builders, helps us pair you with high-quality real estate projects, allowing you to maximise your returns—all while keeping performance fees low. To learn more about the Parvis platform, or our private real estate investment opportunities, connect with our investor relations team or sign up today.