Pier 4 REIT


Pier 4 is a private REIT that invests in multi-family buildings in Canada and provides investors with the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and gain investment exposure to high level real estate assets. The fund was founded in June 2020 and retains 493 units within 19 properties across Ontario and New Brunswick.

With over 100 years of combined experience in real estate acquisitions, asset management and property management, Pier 4 focuses on building strategic partnerships in the real estate industry to ensure the highest return for investors. Pier 4 currently has approximately $95M in AUM, with another property under contract that is expected to close this year. Following this closing, Pier 4 will surpass $100M of AUM.

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Pier 4 REIT
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Core Plus

Risk Profile

Low - Moderate

Minimum Investment

$10,000, $6,000 if Registered Funds

Average Annual Return

12 - 15%

Investment Increments

$10.55 per Class A or C Share

Investment Term

2 - 5 Years

Total Offering

A Strong Track Record

With over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry, Darrell, Adam and Michael co-founded Pier 4 REIT in 2020. The three co-founders along with a strong team have grown the business into an up-and-coming leader in the apartment industry. Their passion for real estate compounded with years of industry experience have created a unique family run business that is growing intensely. We aim to become the preferred choice for advisors in the low and mid rise multi-family asset class in the Canadian real estate market.

A Superior Strategy

Pier 4 targets undermanaged and under-performing assets in regions which present strong market fundamentals. Pier 4 pursues buildings off-market as management is inclined to purchase under-valued properties in order to generate value at inception.

Pier 4 REIT
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