Parametric Properties Inc

Victoria, BC

As Victoria's first algorithm-based real estate investment opportunity, we focus on acquiring mispriced assets in the Victoria real estate market. Our software determines which undervalued properties to purchase. A deep dive into the property ensues, which helps mitigate potential investor risks. Ultimately, our Company acquires properties that offer intrinsic or potential value.

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Parametric Properties Inc
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Risk Profile


Minimum Investment

Class G: $50,000, Class H: $350,000

Average Annual Return


Investment Increments

$10 per Share

Investment Term

Open-Ended with Liquidity Options

Total Offering


Victoria: A Growing Market

Victoria is not only a great place to visit, but also a great place to invest. Due to the city's age, it contains an abundance of properties that have fallen behind in their aesthetics and have not been updated or renovated. This presents development opportunities and the potential for increased resale value, offering investors a very interesting opportunity.

Gain Access to the Forefront of Real Estate Investing

Parametric Properties utilizes a proprietary algorithm to make its real estate investment selections.

Parametric Properties Inc
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