TFSA/RRSP contributions: Target 26% IRR from a private real estate investment

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Looking to invest in real estate with your RRSP or TFSA? Invest with Parvis in Upper Mayfield Estates Trust before fund closing date 31st January 2023.

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5 Years
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Grow your returns tax free through your TFSA or RRSP

As an asset class, real estate offers many advantages, and at the heart of every successful investment portfolio are holdings in real estate - either direct investments or indirect investments.

In today’s market, Canadian individuals have the opportunity to invest in real estate using their Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) or Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) to compound their returns, all with the benefit of being tax free if not withdrawn before a certain age.  In 2022, for those who already have a maxed-out TFSA, that annual limit is $6,000. But if you have yet to open or maximize your TFSA, the total amount you can put into your TFSA may be up to $81,500.  The contribution limit for an RRSP is 18 percent of earned income or a maximum of $29,210 for 2022. 

Are you looking to invest your TFSA or RRSP? Click here to learn more about an investment with Parvis Upper Mayfields Estate.

An investment with Parvis is simple. Investors no longer have to find, analyze or manage assets directly. Parvis works with well known developers to bring you the highest performing investments from across Canada, all with different risk profiles to diversify your risk. 

About Upper Mayfield Estates Investment

Located in North Brampton and just south of Caledon, this exciting Caliber Homes development features 48 townhouses and 103 single detached homes. Upper Mayfield is in close proximity to all major commercial and retail infrastructure, educational facilities, Highway 410 and Highway 407, the Brampton Civic Hospital and the Toronto Pearson Airport. The project is located in an existing master planned community which will include parks, walking trails, a scenic ravine and other community amenities. There is also an additional 5 acres being rezoned for high density awaiting provincial approval shortly. 

An investment in Upper Mayfield Estates Trust will yield the following benefits:

  • Tax advantages: invest tax free in a TFSA or tax deferred RRSP account
  • Earn risk adjusted returns of ~26.8% over 5 years
  • Invest directly in the Brampton area - it is the fastest growing municipality in the GTA with real estate prices increasing by 40% throughout 2021.
  • Experienced developer in Caliber Homes -  delivered > 1,000 homes across 12 completed projects throughout the GTA. Gross value of units to date ~$365 million in addition to winning two Home Builder Awards for their superior work and craftsmanship. 

The Parvis fund closing date is 31st January 2022 for Upper Mayfield Estates, which leaves little time to take advantage of this investment opportunity. With a minimum investment of $5,000, log onto our platform today to invest in Upper Mayfield Estate via your TFSA or RRSP account.

Sign up today and invest with Parvis in Upper Mayfields Estate.