Canadian Real Estate Investment Opportunities: Making Moves in the Secondary Cities

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Seeking both distraction and a sense of control within the unpredictable lockdown measures, residential real estate is quickly becoming an obsession...

Exponential Growth Outside the Primary Market

As the global economy continues to recover strongly in the pandemic wake, the Bank of Canada is forecasting that economic growth will rise to 4.5% in 2022. Employment is starting to rebound, and households are returning to their normal spending patterns; consumption is leading the way in recovery, as well as the increasing international demand for exports. As both the domestic and foreign demands rise and bolster confidence, investments are gaining strength across the board, including the real estate markets. 

The primary real estate market is comprised of the biggest housing markets in the country. They account for the largest, most dense populations and have well-established industry and commerce: Toronto, Montréal, and Vancouver. The markets outside of these major city centres offer many similar amenities to primary markets but are less densely populated and currently attracting the many renters and homeowners looking for a change of pace, quality of life, and affordability: Kelowna, BC, Victoria, BC, Kingston, ON, Gatineau, QC, and Halifax, NS. While these outlying markets typically experience ongoing growth in terms of their local population, industry, and commerce, the pandemic has amplified it exponentially. 

The Secondary Cities

The nationwide housing boom and changes in Canadian real estate are piquing the interest of many investors, who are opening their minds to the new opportunities that lie well outside of the primary real estate markets. They’re expanding their investment portfolios into all the geographic areas experiencing the most rapid exponential growth. It’s here where both investors and developers are uncovering tremendous opportunities in the properties that have been historically overlooked in favour of big-city business, and thereby redefining the terms of institutional-quality real estate. 

Within the current boom, the rural and coastal regions located outside of major cities are replete with development and investment opportunities, and they are part of Parvis’s Secondary Cities. The Secondary Cities encompass any areas that are poised for growth found outside of the primary market. These areas are identified by our experts using best-in-class industry data, including a balance of quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as the access and insights gained by leveraging Parvis’s established networks. By keeping pace with trends like these, Parvis is providing access to a wide range of assets that reflect the changing markets and evolve alongside investor needs.

Backed by Blockchain 

Despite the recent spike in coverage on the topic, working from home is not a new trend, and changing attitudes show it’s one that will continue into the future independent of the pandemic. The work-from-home model has allowed many to save time and money, presenting the ability to purchase a rural home absent of urban living and commuting expenses, as well as the chance to gain more balance between work and personal life and explore new investment opportunities. Whether your home office overlooks a cityscape, lake, farm fields, or forest, having online access to everything you need, including your investments, is paramount. 

The big pandemic push in the digital direction makes Parvis’s investing platform more pertinent than ever. The innovative platform is online by design, enabling seamless, streamlined investments that are informed by an exclusive network. Backed by blockchain, it provides full transparency on all deals with a record of transactions and asset tracking. It puts premium projects at your fingertips, reduces costs and the risk of fraud, while providing access to all the relevant information to complete a deal from end to end.

A Digital-Forward Future

Change is the theme of the real estate market and beyond, and it’s creating more and more online conveniences every day. Parvis’s digital-forward platform will continue to thrive by using the latest tech and adapting with ease to the evolving real estate market and investment opportunities. Whether your interest lies in making a primary market or Secondary City investment, the Parvis Platform is supported by industry experts, and makes the entire process clear and simple—no matter where you are.  

About Parvis

Parvis is building the next generation of real estate investing. Our blockchain-powered digital platform democratizes access by bringing quality real estate opportunities to more individuals. Through exclusive access to diverse, high-quality investment projects on the North American market and a user-focused, state-of-the-art platform, Parvis is becoming the go-to marketplace for real estate investing. We are bridging the gap between traditional and digital finance by offering a marketplace that automates compliance tasks, providing in-depth analytics.