How Investment Professionals Can Benefit From Parvis

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As an investment professional, it's essential to always look for ways to add value and provide creative solutions to produce better returns for your clients.

This is especially important now, when the market is highly volatile, and inflation has risen to its highest point in nearly forty years. More than ever, it's important to diversify your clients' portfolios by investing in assets whose value will rise with and outperform inflation. Investing in real estate with Parvis using our state-of-the-art, blockchain-backed platform allows you to do just that.

In this article we cover everything wealth advisors need to know about Parvis, including:

  • What the Parvis solution is
  • How it can benefit you as an investment professional, and
  • How investing with Parvis can benefit your clients

The Parvis Solution

Parvis is a revolutionary platform facilitating the next generation of real estate investing. Our digital platform is democratizing access to real estate investing by bringing high-quality real estate investment opportunities to accredited investors. We ensure the investing experience is seamless, information-rich, transparent and meets a wide range of strategies, budgets, and goals.

Simply put, the Parvis solution improves the real estate investing process and makes it easier for investors. We do this in the following ways:


Automated KYC and AML 

This is all done on the platform through a quick, pain-free process during the creation of the client account. All we ask is that investors report their accreditation status.

Everything is done on the platform

The entire real estate investment process takes place on the platform ––clients are prompted to provide their information, sign investment agreements, and complete fund transfers.

Our Secondary Market

This is a differentiator and where the Parvis platform really shines. The secondary market gives investors on our platform the opportunity to resale their tokenized real estate assets at market value (depending on the investment). These transactions are simple and seamless thanks to the blockchain technology and smart contracts the Parvis platform leverages. This brings unprecedented liquidity and ease of transaction to real estate investing that is not usually seen in this industry.

What Are The Benefits To Wealth Advisors?

Parvis offers a wide array of benefits for you as an investment professional. First, let's look at how our platform can help you provide better service for your clients:

  • Through our platform, you have the ability to broaden your offerings to clients through creative real estate investing solutions. We provide a steady, diverse supply of quality real estate investments for you to choose from, in varying asset classes and regions.
  • By working with some of the most reputable and prestigious developers in Canada, Parvis is able to offer your clients high-quality private placement deals at a national scope.
  • Parvis unlocks access to high-quality real estate investment opportunities your clients may not have had otherwise through the fractional ownership of real estate assets.
  • Investing on the Parvis platform is a great way to diversify your client portfolio from traditional forms of investment.
  • We're in this together ––we view our relationship with wealth advisors as long-term and symbiotic, anchored in a mutually supportive and collaborative alignment.

In addition to helping improve how you service your clients, working with Parvis will also benefit you as an investment professional. Here's how:

  • You can make use of the investment plans and customer recommendations we offer based on the data and analytics we leverage.
  • We offer a flexible Advisor Referral Rebate. Parvis receives up front fees from developers for placing capital in projects, which can be shared with advisors and their clients.
  • The Parvis platform makes things easy. With it, you can easily control individual sub-accounts for your clients.
  • You get early access to high-end project offerings. Enjoy access to exclusive private deals outside of your existing network, at a national scope.
  • At Parvis, our fees are low, which allows you to maintain your current fee offerings. Parvis doesn’t charge management fees on the funds invested on our platform. We are only paid a portion of the return proceeds upon exit. 
  • You get access to Parvis' four direct investment strategies.
  • We make real estate investing efficient, transparent, and liquid utilizing blockchain technology.

What Are the Benefits To Your Clients?

The Parvis platform brings a number of key benefits to its investors. Here's what your clients can expect when you invest their money on our platform:

Steady Returns 

Unlike REITs which offer fractional ownership of pooled real estate assets, Parvis offers private real estate investments that are shielded from market volatility. The private real estate investments available through Parvis also make it so that you can choose to invest in the individual real estate assets that best suit the needs of your clients' portfolios since you know them best. 

Inflation Hedging 

With inflation in Canada rising higher than it has in nearly forty years, access to investments that can hedge against it is more important than ever. Through the Parvis platform, you have the opportunity to invest in private real estate assets whose value has historically been positively correlated with inflation.

Portfolio Diversification 

A diverse portfolio is always important, but this is especially the case with the uncertainty that we are currently experiencing in the market. Allocating a portion of client portfolios to real estate serves to protect capital during market downturns.

Steady Cash Flow

Along with the capital appreciation of real estate investments, investing in private properties on the Parvis platform allows investors to generate passive income through rental income.

Learn More About Parvis for Investment Professionals

Here at Parvis, we’re at the forefront of next-generation real estate investing. If you have any questions about us or our state-of-the-art platform, or how we partner with wealth advisors, you can connect with us here to schedule a meeting.

If you’d like to explore our platform, you can create a free account here.